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During a closing monologue on Monday night, CNN's Chris Cuomo blamed President Donald Trump for what he called a "midterm hate campaign" that consists of "fear and loathing."


"Why are Trump folk fighting the idea that their campaign message is fear and loathing? It's the truth," Cuomo said. "Identify enemies threatening to create more carnage, as Trump put it in his inaugural speech. Then demonize, like with the migrates, create a farce that they are an invading force filled with dealers and murders. Whip up as much xenophobia and conflict as he can. Democrats are evil. The media is the enemy of the people. That is a phrase propagated by Stalin and used by Hitler. The President says he's a nationalist. Again, we know where this comes from."


Cuomo is seriously going to compare Trump calling out the mainstream media for their shenanigans with Stalin and Hitler? That's absolutely, unequivocally absurd

President Trump wants the media to cover him in a fair manner. He's tired of "journalists" and "reporters" using their position of authority to push their own political agenda. How could anyone blame him though? They take every opportunity imaginable to blame him for something. 

"We are on a savage journey. And it is a battle for the heart of the American Dream. Or more directly, will the dream have any heart anymore? Will there be new colossus? Will there be lady with the lamp? Is the Statue of Liberty going to be painted gold and called the last line of defense? Will the torch become an AR-15 because it's all about demonizing and keeping people out?" Cuomo asked.


The American Dream isn't going anywhere. If anything, Trump is doing everything in his power to protect the American Dream for future generations. He's doing that by making sure American citizens have opportunities before anyone else. 

Just because conservatives want to protect their Second Amendment rights doesn't mean that we want to change the Statue of Liberty or what America stands for. If anything, we want to preserve what makes America great. It's the Democrats who are doing everything in their power to make the United States a progressive, socialist free-for-all. 

If anyone should be ashamed of their lies, rhetoric and fear mongering, it's Cuomo. He's preying on Democrats' fear of traditional values to scare them into voting for progressives during the midterms. 

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