WATCH: Celebrities Encourage Americans to Vote For 'Gun Sense Candidates' In a VERY Pathetic Ad

Posted: Oct 27, 2018 11:15 AM

A group of Hollywood celebrities came together to support gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety. Stars like Kevin Bacon, Michael J. Fox, Susan Sarandon, Alysia Reiner and others talked about what voting is like for them and how important it is for Americans to support "gun sense candidates," you know, those candidates who want strict gun control laws.

The ad itself is rather dumb. Instead of talking about why they support gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens, this Everytown for Gun Safety ad focuses on "making a plan to vote."

They ask questions like...are you walking to your polling station? Will you take public transportation or will you drive there? 

If someone is struggling to find transportation to vote they can easily go online and register to vote absentee. In fact, there has been a big push across the nation for people to vote using absentee ballots. It ensures that they're not too busy to vote, they can do more research if they need to and they're able to do it at their convenience. 

This ad is just another "look at me, I'm a celebrity so you should listen to me!" type of ad. Honestly, how many of us can relate to these actors and actresses? 

"I'm going to take my absentee ballot, get on my tour bus, fill it out and then mail it."

How many of us have a tour bus? 

Exactly my point.

If anything, Everytown did the exact opposite of what they were setting out to do. They made themselves look even more out of touch with the average American (probably because they are). Not all of us can afford armed security guards and chauffeurs. Some of us rely on the Second Amendment to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

So thank you, Everytown, for giving us a great reminder of why this election is so important for gun owners.

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