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Gun Control Zealot Shannon Watts Wastes NO TIME Criticizing the NRA For the Synagogue Shooting

Moms Demand Action founder and gun control activist Shannon Watts wasted absolutely no time calling for stricter gun control laws. The total number of injuries and casualties were still unknown when Watts took to Twitter to criticize the National Rifle Association (NRA). 


First of all, it's absolutely disgusting that gun control advocates like Watts can't even wait for victims to be taken to the hospital before they start pushing their agenda. Police were still figuring out what was taking place and how many fatalities occurred. You're telling me you can't hold off on your gun-grabbing pushing until those men, women and children received medical care? If that isn't the definition of shameful, I don't know what is.


Second, the NRA isn't to blame for mass shootings. The people who commit the crimes are the ones that we should be blaming. Gun rights groups, like the NRA, protect law-abiding Americans' right to protect themselves. When we shift the blame to the NRA, we're doing a disservice to the victims who were injured or lost their lives. We're not holding the shooter responsible for his or her actions. 

One of the things that makes America so great is having the power of choice. We are free to do as we please as long as we don't hurt others. We're free to make our own decisions. Every single choice we make has consequences. It's time we hold mass shooters accountable for the choice they made. Blaming the NRA negates that accountability. 

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