Meet the Celebrities Who Came Unraveled After Kavanaugh's Confirmation

Posted: Oct 07, 2018 4:45 PM
Meet the Celebrities Who Came Unraveled After Kavanaugh's Confirmation

Now that Brett Kavanaugh is officially a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, Liberals in America are unhinged. Hollywood celebrities are losing their minds (and Alyssa Milano is only one of many).

Here are just a few of the major meltdown moments:

Of course, then the "I can't wait for November midterm election" tweets come stumbling in. Guess this means we're supposed to be fearful of the supposed Blue Wave?

Then there were those who were "upset" for their female friends and family members (as if all of us are somehow liberals):

Then there's Cher, who is in a category of her own...

And Bette Midler, who suddenly understands heartbreak and agony.

Then there's Seth McFarlane, who is suddenly an expert on politics.

Wait a minute. Kavanaugh was upset because he's being accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, including gang raping one, and he's supposed to keep his composure as if nothing happened? Please, tell us how "even-tempered" you'd be if you were in the same predicament, Mr. MacFarlane.

Dear Hollywood, Here's The Reality You Fail to Understand

Hollywood celebrities really know to prey on people's emotions. They use their celebrity status and blue checkmarks to push their liberal agenda. Nothing is more obnoxious than famous people telling us average people how to vote and what politicians will improve our lives. 

Do these people live paycheck to paycheck? Yeah right.

Do these people know what it's like to choose between feeding their child or themselves? Not a chance.

Do these people know what it's like to live without healthcare? Absolutely not.

Do these people know what it's like to decide what bills they can pay and which ones will have to wait? Doubt it. 

These celebrities, who have no qualms about being a "typical American" are continually telling us what will make our lives better, as if they walk a mile in our shoes. 

Then again, this is the exact mantra that liberals run with. They're so busy telling everyone how to spend their money, how to vote, how to "make the world a better place," and badgering those of us who disagree with them as "selfish." 

Liberals are constantly telling us that women are fragile creatures who need to be nurtured and protected by the government in one breath but then, in another breath, they demand equality. Newsflash: you can't have it both ways. Stop trying to be the champion of every minority group. 

We have minds and the ability to make our own decisions. After all, what happened to being an individual? This is America, after all. And the greatest gift our Founding Fathers gave us was the power to elect those who run our nation. 

Welcome to our wonderful Republic, liberal America. You're getting a taste of this thing called "freedom." Doesn't it taste great? 

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