Churchill’s Grandson Furious Reply To Anti-Nuclear Defense Minister

Posted: Feb 11, 2016 7:30 AM
Churchill’s Grandson Furious Reply To Anti-Nuclear Defense Minister

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom – The grandson of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has raised eyebrows in the House of Commons for angrily refusing to meet the Labour Party’s newly appointed Defense Secretary. Sir Nicholas Soames MP told a staffer to Emily Thornberry his opinion on her views were “too robust… for her delightfully delicate sensibilities”.

Throughout the letter Soames referred to Thornberry by her official title ‘Lady Nugee’, which she dislikes using, instead favoring her maiden name. He claimed to believe the invitation to meet him for lunch was a “joke” and that her policy on defense matters would be consigned to the dust bin “where Labour’s defense policy always ends up”.

Sir Nicholas does not explain the reason for his anger but it is thought to be related to Thornberry’s opposition to the renewal of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, Trident. Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader the party has toyed with dropping the project for ideological reasons.

Trade Unions in Scotland are deeply opposed to any cancellation of Trident, this led Labour to propose a bizarre compromise, were the submarines would be built but would not carry nuclear weapons. The idea was widely mocked in both London and Washington.

Winston Churchill led Britain throughout the Second World War and was voted the greatest ever Briton. His family are still considered by many of have an unofficial role in standing up for the military and Soames himself has served in the Conservative Defense team.

Thornberry’s pedigree is less impressive, with her having gotten into trouble before last year’s general election for patronising working class British people. She took to twitter to express her disdain for a “white van man” with a union flag outside his house. At the time she was reprimanded by the then Labour leader Ed Miliband.

The email exchange has been widely forwarded, including to the editor of the Eton College Chronicle. The chronicle serves as the newsletter for the private school that many Labour politicians attack on a regular basis as they see it as evidence of the British class system.

Soames attended Eton, as did Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.