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Europe Invaded By Jihadi Terrorist ‘Refugees’

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom – Intelligence officials in London have warned the Islamic State is now using the refugee crisis to transport terrorists into Europe. Around a million people from the Islamic world arrived in Europe last year, most of them men of military age.


The terrorists are believed to be using fake Syrian and Iraqi documents to slip into Europe undetected. The flood is being coordinated from the capital of the Islamic State, Raqqa.

Security bosses say they have now lost a number of dangerous terrorists, who are believed to be either in Europe or on the way.

The news of the latest terror threat came just weeks after Jihadi attacks in Paris left 130 dead and hundreds more injured. It also follows a spike in the number of sex attacks in Europe, including a mass attack on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

European Union chiefs have admitted that 60 percent of those who have arrived are not genuinely fleeing conflict. The bloc has so far been unable to determine which arrivals are bogus, further fueling concerns that the Islamic State may have affectively landed an army inside the EU.

Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, told the Daily Telegraph: "It's about 60 per cent of all asylum seekers. These are people that you can assume have no reason to apply for refugee status.”

It has long been an ambition of IS to invade Southern Europe, which they see as Islamic land because some of it was held during the last Muslim Crusade. The Islamic State are believed to want to assemble troops in a European city and use weapons illegally smuggled in from the former Soviet Union.


In Britain the Prime Minister David Cameron is rumoured to be considering putting off the planned referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU until the crisis has passed. Pro-Europeans are worried a referendum in June this year would be lost amidst concerns about the flood of refugees.

At the present the migrants cannot enter the UK as it is not part of the Schengen, border free area but the EU is keen for Britain to ‘take its fair share’. Also once the migrants are given citizenship of any EU country they would be able to move to the UK anyway.

Concerns about the Islamification of UK towns has led to the Britain First group to launch the UKs first ever ‘Christian Patrols’. The move is in response to the perception that Christians are being discriminated against in areas that are effectively under the control of Sharia Courts.

Jayda Fransen told Townhall that she did not want any part of Britain to be a “no go area” for Christians. She said: "On 23rd January 2016 Britain First carried out a Christian Patrol through Bury Park, Luton.

“This involved us walking calmly and quietly down Bury Park High Street distributing leaflets and newspapers to local residents whilst myself and another activist held Christian crosses. During our patrol we were mobbed by aggressive and abusive Muslims.


“Without having made any initial contact with these people we were told to leave Luton, our town had been taken over and our country is being taken over by Muslims. They also said that Britain is not a Christian country and we should be jealous that they have taken it from us.

“I personally was verbally abused by Muslim women who said I looked like a "slapper" because I was not wearing a burka.”

The group posted the following video of the patrol:

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