Georgetown Pork

Posted: Feb 24, 2009 2:17 PM
Don't tell me there's not any pork in that $410 billion omnibus spending bill the Democrats unveiled yesterday. I can see it right from my Townhall office window.

Republican Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia has requested more than $800,00 to pay for bus service between Rosslyn, Virginia and Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

Townhall's headquarters sit right on that route. So, I can tell you, there's already plenty of bus service there. The Georgetown routes run every 10 minutes through the week. If you can't catch that, there are metrobus options.

And, if you can't manage that you can WALK.

It's barely a mile and it's the option I usually opt for. I've never even ridden a bus back and forth because I find it faster to use my legs. I've walked across on many occasions. More than I can count.  It's well lit and there's a beautiful view of the city when you walk across the Key Bridge. And, it hardly takes any time at all, less than 15 minutes to walk from where the bus picks people up on the Virginia side to get to M street.

And, let's be frank. Georgetown is one of the wealthiest, swankiest areas on the nation. This isn't the part of America that's struggling. Surely tax dollars could be more well spent than providing MORE bus options to Georgetown students and tourists.