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Union Hypocrisy

Big Labor hosted a rally on Capitol Hill this afternoon to urge legislators to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill to give labor more power in the workplace.

Throughout the event labor members blasted employers who harassed them in the workplace for supporting the liberal policy. The funny thing is, several of those same labor members openly harassed a pair of men protesting the legislation.

The dressed up as "union bosses" looking for their payback for helping Democrats in the 2008 election: passage of EFCA

Anywhere Union Bob and Union Bill went, a crowd of union members followed them and pushed them to the perimeter of the rally. Union members pushed their way in front of them to hold up signs to hide the anti-EFCA signs from the cameras.

Essentially, they did everything the could to make sure no media could see an alternative message.

When I asked them why they were doing this most of them went mute.

One woman, however, had lots to say. She's in the third video and I'll warn you, her vulgar language isn't safe for work

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