3rd Ballot Count Totals

Posted: Jan 30, 2009 1:58 PM
Steele 51
Duncan 44
Dawson 34
Anuzis 24
Blackwell 15

Another big win for Team Steele--he jumped into the lead on the 3rd ballot.

Duncan continues to lose ballots. No movement on Anuzis and Blackwell. Dawson gains 5, which shouldn't be dismissed. 5 ballots is a big deal in a race this close

Now for some updates on the scene here at the RNC Winter Meeting:

As you might expect, there's a lot men in suits running around here. It's a little chaotic in between ballots. People break out of the main room to talk, lobby, smoke cigarettes and everything else that people do at these sorts of things.

Not only is the Winter Meeting a place for important party work, it's a place for members to catch up with each other, figure out future plans and strategize.

There's lots of people watching, too. Fox News's Carl Cameron is chatting with members, CNN's GOP commentator Leslie Sanchez tip-toed out of the main ballroom on her standby heels for a phone conversation.

Press folks stalk the candidates every move. Lots of talk on Twitter about Blackwell chatting with Steele in the hallway. Prompts wild discussion about a potential "alliance."

So, all that said, reporting on the Winter Meeting is exciting, but it's also a little like reporting on a high school prom.