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Jesse Jackson Junior in Blago Case

Federal law enforcement officials say Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the unnamed "Senate candidate #5" in the 78-page affidavit against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, according to ABC News.

US Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald said Blagojevich was considering appointing "Senate candidate #5" to Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat, although this candidate was not a top choice and was not Obama's preferred candidate Blagojevich's staff leaked candidate 5's name to the media to "send a message" to Obama that Blagojevich that needed to be given something valuable to appoint someone else.

Blagojevich is cited in the case saying he knew candidate 5 would "pay to play" and raise money for him later if given the Senate seat. The governor said he spoke to candidate 5's emissarys and was told he would receive $1 million if he made that appointment.

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