Clinton Basher Working on State Department Transition Team

Posted: Nov 29, 2008 9:27 AM
Remember Samantha Power? She was one of the up and coming foreign policy thinkers for Barack Obama until she told the BBC his withdrawal plan wouldn't work and described Hillary Clinton a "monster" to a Scottish newspaper.

As a result Obama aced her from his team, but now she's back! And, she's is in very unlikely place considering the "monster" that could be soon be Secretary of State. That's right. Obama has tapped Powers to be one of the 14 people to help smooth the transition in the State Department between the Bush and Obama administration.

How do you think Clinton feels about this one?!?! Clinton hasn't been given the job yet, but the Clinton and Obama camps have hinted an announcement could come sometime after Thanksgiving.

Clinton used the monster comment to raise money during the Democratic primary by sending an email to supporters that said "there is a price to this kind of political attacks."