RE: The so-called "Employee Free Choice Act"

Posted: Nov 19, 2008 9:54 AM
The larger-than-life debate over the fate of the Big Three automakers going on right now will be helpful to those trying to defeat the EFCA.

There is a growing recognition that the out of control expenses associated with Big Labor's demands are at the root of Detroit's demise. The American public is already outraged at the bailout and the fact General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are coming to Washington with their hat in hand to keep UAW members on their $73/hour gold-plated health care plans. That frustration towards the auto industry should be directed at EFCA in the days ahead.

If the GOP plays it right, all the drama we are seeing now with the Big Three can be parlayed into an in-your-face, real life example of what Big Labor control does for the economy and taxpayers.