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MI GOP Chair to Run for RNC Chairman

Michigan GOP Party Chairman Saul Anuzis

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis has formally announced his intention to run for GOP Chairman.

Anuzis will challenge GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele for the position.  Steele is expected to declare his bid on Thursday.

As a Michigan activist Anuzis developed a strong online presence by authoring a blog for Michigan Republican Party cheekily titled "That's Saul, Folks!"


Like Steele, Anuzis is well-liked among grassroots conservatives and Washington-insiders. Both would likely be gregarious, enthusiastic leaders capable of energizing the party and transforming the role of GOP Chairman into a more visible, media-friendly position.

Anuzis authored an open letter to Republicans announcing his bid that promised he would engineer a "Republican Comeback," by restoring the party's credibilty on security, fiscal responsibility and family values, as well as increasing diversity within the party.

"It’s time that the Republican Party looked at America through a different set of eyes. I’m not part of the Republican establishment," Anuzis wrote. "I wasn’t born and raised a Republican. And I’m not a ‘country club’ Republican. I joined the Republican Party in my teens because it was the party that reflected my values, hopes and dreams. As the son of an immigrant who found the American dream in a car factory in Detroit, I know that the American dream is still alive. It lives in every city and every suburb; and in every coal miner, accountant, school teacher, young professional, and yes, every auto worker – in every corner of this country. And you’ll never convince me that Republican ideas cannot win those Americans hearts and minds."


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