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Obama's Editing His Agenda

The good folks over at Americans for Tax Reform have noticed that Barack Obama is deleted some of the more controversial planks of his economic agenda from his website.

Last week the "agenda" section of his website listed a number of his economic priorities, including passing "card check" to eliminate the secret ballot process required to unionize workplaces, enacting a windfall profits tax to write checks to "American families" and created a "national infrastructure bank" to fund future bailouts.

Take a look. Here's the BEFORE website, scanned and saved by ATR. Here's the AFTER. The "before", nearly five pages long, specifically lists these priorities, the "after" only contains two vague paragraphs about "change" and ending the war.

Think this sounds fishy?

ATR President Grover Norquist sure does.

“This is the opposite of transparency and we would ask that Obama restore the deleted portion of the site,” Norquist said.


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