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Palin Plans Post-Election Interview

Sarah Palin's first interview after the election will go to FNC's Greta van Susteren.

The interview will air Monday evening. So, set your Tivo's! I expect Palin will finally be able to say something about all the backbiting rumors "On the Record." And, true to form, she'll probably do it with a "you betcha" smile.

Congratulations to Greta for the "get." She was one of the few journalists, especially of her high-profile caliber, who took the effort to travel up to Alaska on a grueling red eye flight to see what Palin's hometown was really all about after two long weeks of convention coverage.

This was a difficult time for anchors to squeeze time into their schedule. I for one, really appreciate Greta's, and her hard-working staff's, willingness to do this.

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