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Gov. Blunt on Voter Fraud in Missouri

When Claire McCaskill (D.) was State Auditor in Missouri she had concerns about voter fraud in her state. A 2004 report from her office identified over 24,000 voters who were either "deceased, also registered in another jurisdiction, had been convicted of a felony, or were living at an address included on the city’s vacant lot listing" in St. Louis.

As a top-level Obama surrogate and U.S. Senator McCaskill refuses to speak against ACORN, but the state is still having problems. Governor Matt Blunt (R.) made a statement about Missouri voter fraud today:
"As governor and as a former secretary of state, I am very concerned about the integrity of the upcoming election.  I became secretary of state following the voter fraud that occurred in 2000 and issued a comprehensive report entitled ‘Mandate for Reform: Election Turmoil in St. Louis November 7, 2000,' which provided the framework for election reform in Missouri...In the aftermath of the 2006 election, 12 workers for ACORN were convicted of voter fraud in St. Louis and Kansas City.  Now the FBI is investigating attempts by ACORN to commit voter registration fraud in Missouri and other states in this election.  This is deeply troubling to me because these efforts to game the system with fraudulent registrations undermine public confidence in our election process.  At least one Missouri official has attempted to downplay ACORN’s attempts to commit fraud as insignificant.  I strongly disagree.  The only reason for someone to commit voter registration fraud is to attempt to commit voter fraud."

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