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ACORN's New Spin

Nearly every news story about ACORN this year has credited the group to registering over 1.3 million new voters this year. This is the statistic they touted and the one  newspapers been printed over and over again.

Now, after being accused of rampant voter registration fraud across the nation ACORN wants you to know they lied. ACORN didn't register 1.3 million voters, their Project Vote Directors tells the New York Times, they only registered around 450,000 new voters.

Oh, really?

I don't know what to make of this. If ACORN only registered 450,000 people to vote this makes all the ACORN-related accounts of voter fraud proportionally higher. It makes their group even more reckless. But something makes me think ACORN is just discounting the numbers to avoid scrutiny. This way ACORN can say they are only a teeny, little group without a lot of impact.

It shouldn't matter what ACORN says

Nothing ACORN says can be taken at their word. News stories about ACORN should focus on how ACORN screws the system, screws the taxpayer and has worked closely with the Democratic presidential candidate.

ACORN is out of control.  They've lied about their finances by covering up an embezzlement scheme, they corrupt the voting process by flooding the system with fraudulent registrations, hire criminals, and now, apparently, can't even count. And yet they still get their tax exemptions, still get their federal cash grants and are still doing GOTV.

They need to be shut down.

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