The Wrap Up--Go Joe! (And John)

Posted: Oct 15, 2008 10:30 PM
If there is any winner in tonight's debate it's Joe the Plumber and that should put McCain closer to the "W" column than Barack Obama.

By speaking directly to Plumber Joe John McCain was able to explain why "Senator Government," a welcome Fruedian slip for Obama, is wrong for the economy during these turbulent economic times. 

McCain finally showed he was not afraid to bring up Obama's relationship to the radical William Ayers and hit him for associating so closely with a fraudulent non-profit engaging in rampant voter registration fraud this election.

Obama was left sputtering that he only associates with the likes of Warren Buffet now--one of those elitists someone like Joe Plumber probably won't relate to that well.

The candidates didn't just debate the fluff. They handily debated taxes, health care, abortion, judges and education. Sadly, immigration was completely untouched.

McCain did not seal the coveted "game changer" in this debate, but again nailed several memorable lines ("If you wanted to run against George Bush you should have run four years ago") and kept Obama on the defense. McCain is still in the game. Mark Halperin is calling it McCain's "best debate yet."

The race is still on. And because of that we'll have a lot to keep talking about for the next 20 days of the campaign and beyond!!