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African Press Publishes Shocking Michelle Obama Quotes?

Update: I'm just got confirmation this API report is completely UNTRUE. It's been popping up on lots of sites and Michelle Obama's "quotes" about white racism are made up and FALSE. An official from Barack Obama's campaign told Fox News reporters Michelle Obama never made the call and never said those things.

African Press International, which I have not heard of until today, is reporting that Michelle Obama phoned them to quiet rumors perpetuated by "American white racists" that Barack Obama is not an American citizen.

See below:
MICHELLE OBAMA: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a step father. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that My husband loves this country and this adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner."
This is the link to to the original source.
Do you think this is legit? Why would someone make this up? The site doesn't seem very professional and appears to be only created in 2006. The author of this story doesn't post his real name and doesn't provide contact information. Looks suspicious to me.

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