McGovern to Blast Dems on Card Check

Posted: Oct 07, 2008 9:43 AM
If Barack Obama is elected president Big Labor will run roughshod over our private sectors.

Even George McGovern is scared of the brutal "card check" legislation Democrats have been dying to pass. Essentially, the bill would eliminate the secret ballot process required to unionize in favor of a public petition, called "card check." That means union thugs would be free to pressure employees to sign their petition in front of other pro-union officials. So much for democracy.

Obama has pledged to sign it if he's elected president. The Senate narrowly defeated the bill in the summer of 2007, but if the Democrats gain more seats in November the bill's chances of passing increases.

Salena Zito reports the former Democratic presidential candidate has spearheaded a $30 million campaign to oppose the legislation.

He'll be featured a 60-second ad during the presidential debate tonight in which he'll say: "Quite simply, this proposed law cannot be justified. Working families deserve a voice and a private vote. I’m Senator George McGovern and I approve this message because democracy is something that should never be sacrificed.”

The ad was created and produced by the Employee Freedom Action Commitee. Their website is