Axelrod: Obama Didn't Know About Ayers Bombed Capitol

Posted: Oct 06, 2008 9:12 AM
Barack Obama's campaign guru David Axelrod admitted Obama had no idea about William Ayers violent history when Ayers raised money for Obama and they served together on the board of a Chicago-based foundation.

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Axelrod, "Now a college professor in Chicago, Ayers and Obama served together several years on a nonprofit board.  And in 1995 Ayers hosted a coffee for Obama when the young community organizer was making his first run for the State Senate.  At this point looking back, should he not have done that?"

Axelrod replied, "Well I mean, when he went, he certainly -- he didn't know the history."

"The Democratic nominee's chief strategist David Axelrod maintains Obama at that time had no idea about Ayers' violent past," Acosta clarified in a concluding clip.

Throughout Obama's presidential campaign critics have questioned Obama's ties to Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist who once took part in bombing the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol as a member of the Weather Underground in the 1960's.

When Obama was asked about his relationship with Ayers during a Democratic primary debate last year, Obama said "this is guy who lives in my neighborhood" and compared Ayers to someone else Obama doesn't always agree with---Republican Sen. Tom Coburn.

In a separate interview on CNN Robert Gibbs, Obama's senior adviser, confirmed Axelrod's admission about Obama's ignorance about Ayers.

"Look, if that's what David said, that is true," Gibbs said.