The Pornification of Sarah Palin

Posted: Oct 02, 2008 1:43 PM
Cross-posted on Glamocracy:

There's a price to pay for conservative politicians like Sarah Palin who don't swath themselves in pantsuits, wear stylish open-toe shoes and refuse to cut their hair into mannish crops. Apparently part of that price is that, on the very day we should be focusing on Sarah Palin's forthcoming vice presidential debate performance, we learn that porn-peddler Larry Flynt has shot an X-rated adult film starring a Sarah Palin lookalike.

This isn't even the most offensive thing I've heard. Yesterday I read about a Chicago tavern that's hanging up nude Palin paintings. And no, painter Bruce Elliot isn't a fan of her political leanings, he just likes Palin's hot bod. If that's not disturbing enough, Elliot's daughter posed naked as his Palin look-alike muse. (SFW: The link is to a story about the painting, there is no image of the painting itself.)

Flynt, Elliot and all the rest of their disgusting male friends hiding in their basements who eat up this filth are sick and sad, but I'm not even going to pretend to act surprised this is happening. It happens to lots of conservative women I know, like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and the rest. It happened to me in college when a graduate student photoshopped pornography of me and put it on the internet because of the conservative work I was doing on campus. We know it's par for the course.  Nor am I going to bother looking for outrage from the so-called feminist groups or the liberal media on these lewd attacks. They never care when this kind of dirt is directed towards conservative women. Oh, but when the Washington Post's Style section even gets a glimpse of Hillary Clinton's cleavage they go to battle. Please. They're partisan operatives, not advocates for women.

Again, conservative women who don't hide their femininity are forced to pay a price. This kind of backlash simply doesn't exist for liberal women. Luckily, women like Palin are willing to pay it with a smile to make it easier for all the young women who will follow in her footsteps later.