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The Votes

The Dodd Amendment, which was to put the full text of the bailout into a passable legislative shell, passed 74-25.

They had to play this shell game to make the bill technically constitutional, since the Constitution mandates all revenue-raising bills generate in the House. So they made the entire $700 billion revenue-raising Paulson plan an amendment to a mental health bill filled with earmarky goodness to make it pass muster. Yes, this is craziness.

That aside, what I'm telling you is this is the vote that counts.

35 Republicans and 39 Democrats voted for it.

15 Republicans, 8 Democrats and one Independent (Sanders) voted against.
Senator Ted Kennedy, who was recently rehospitalized for his brain tumor, did not vote.

Akaka - YES
Alexander - YES
Allard - NO
Barasso- NO
Baucus - YES
Bayh- YES
Bennett  - YES
Biden - YES
Bingaman  - YES
Bond- YES
Boxer - YES
Brown- YES
Brownback - NO
Bunning - NO

Burr  - YES
Byrd - YES
Cantwell - NO
Cardin  - YES
Carper -
Casey - YES
Chambliss  - YES
Clinton - YES
Coburn - YES
Cochran - NO
Coleman - YES
Collins - YES
Conrad - YES
Corker - YES
Cornyn - YES
Craig- YES
Crapo - NO
DeMint - NO
Dodd - YES
Dole- NO
Domenici - YES
Dorgan - NO
Durbin  - YES
Ensign - YES
Enzi - NO
Feingold - NO

Feinstein - YES
Graham - YES
Grassley - YES
Gregg - YES
Hagel - YES
Harkin - YES
Hatch - YES
Hutchison - YES
Inhofe - NO
Inoye - YES
Isakson - YES
Johnson - NO
Kennedy -
Kerry - YES
Klobuchar - YES
Kohl - YES
Kyl - YES
Landrieu - NO
Lautenberg - YES

Leahy - YES
Levin - YES
Lieberman - YES
Lincoln - YES
Lugar - YES
Martinez - YES
McCain - YES
McCaskill - YES
McConnell - YES
Menendez - YES
Mikulski - YES
Murkowski - YES
Murray -YES
Nelson, FL - NO
Nelson, NE - YES
Obama - YES
Pryor - YES
Reed - YES
Reid - YES
Roberts - NO
Rockefeller - YES
Salazar - YES
Sanders - NO
Schumer - YES
Sessions - NO
Shelby - NO

Smith - YES
Snowe - YES
Specter - YES
Stabenow - NO
Stevens - YES
Sununu - YES
Tester - NO
Thune - YES
Vitter - NO
Voinovich - YES
Warner - YES
Webb - YES
Whitehouse - YES
Wicker - NO
Wyden - NO

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