Obama Faith Forum Flops

Posted: Sep 22, 2008 10:29 AM
Catholics for McCain/Palin just blasted out this press release:

Obama "Faith Tour" Flops with Young Evangelicals
Evangelical Outreach Event Draws Just 15 in Jerry Falwell's Backyard

LYNCHBURG, VA – What happens when you hold an Evangelical Outreach event in Lynchburg, Virginia, home to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, and no one shows up? That's exactly what happened last week when Dr. Shaun Casey, Obama's Evangelical Outreach Coordinator, hosted a faith forum and just 15 people showed up. Liberty University is home to over 10,000 Evangelical students from across the county.

"The Obama 'faith event' might have been a bigger draw if they had advertised it as a circus show -- featuring an Obama staffer trying to spin Barack Obama's support for infanticide, partial-birth abortion, and taxpayer-funded abortions to young Evangelicals... or perhaps a desperately hilarious comedy show," said Billy Valentine, director of Catholics for McCain, a grassroots organization of young Catholics not affiliated with the McCain campaign. "Young Evangelicals and Catholics alike can't be deceived by Obama's empty rhetoric, and instead realize that an Obama administration would laugh in the face of the human rights issues they passionately fight for, such as the right to life."