For What It's Worth

Posted: Sep 08, 2008 5:38 PM
There's some hay being made in the right-o-sphere about the Alaska Democratic Party erasing their praise for Sarah Palin on an anti-Ted Stevens web site they are operating.

Earlier today the Senate Conservatives Fund noticed the AK Democratic Party had taken some items off their site about Sarah Palin's work to kill the Bridge to Nowhere. The story was picked in several outlets, including ABC HERE

I phoned the Alaska Democratic Party's Communications Director Kay Brown for comment. Brown told me the parts of the site were "momentarily down" because they were migrating servers because of the increase in traffic and they had "no intentions to rewrite history."

She also noted there were other broken links on their website as well. As she told me about these problems on the phone I was clicking around and found other links to indeed be non-functioning.

I'm not convinced the AK Dems were hiding anything here, but we'll see what all the links look like when the entire website is back up.