Obama Surrogates Smearing Palin

Posted: Sep 07, 2008 6:25 PM
Barack Obama has promised he wouldn't wage a smear campaign against Sarah Palin but a number of  his surrogates are sure getting their hands dirty. Too many to be a coincidence.

Take for example this CNN report in which Drew Griffin confirms members of the Obama campaign contacted Palin's former-brother-in-law Mike Wooten's union.
Hmmm...Why, might I ask, would political operatives be contacting Wooten's union? To squeeze the union to pressure Wooten to speak out against Palin, perhaps? Someone needs to ask Team Obama who exactly is involved and why they think it's okay to do this.

And while we're on Troopergate doesn't anyone else think it's a little "conflict of interesty" that Obama supporter Hollis French is leading the investigation against Palin?  You think any of our mainstream media friends might have a question about that one?

Secondly, when is Obama going to denounce, or at least distance himself for pity's sake, from the email written by his spokesman Mark Bubriski that called Palin a NAZI SYMPATHIZER? Or give his Finance Chair Howard Gutman the cursory slap on the wrist for calling Palin a bad mother?

The answer, I expect is never. (That is, unless the MSM finally stops wondering what on earth Bristol Palin is going to name her first child and starts asking Obama some real questions about the ruthless, no-holds-barred campaign he's running.)

If Obama really wanted to stay above the fray, he would have fired these people from his campaign. Since he didn't I can only assume his campaign does support these kind of attacks and that his operatives have no intention of running clean against Sarah.

I hope I'm wrong.