Obama Finance Chair Questions Palin's Mothering

Posted: Sep 06, 2008 9:33 AM
Palin's opponents think it's perfectly acceptable to call her mothering ability into question. They think she shouldn't try to become VP because her teen daughter is pregnant and she has a child with Down's Syndrome.

One of Obama's Finance Chairs, Howard Gutman, suggested Mommy Palin's childre should disqualify her from becoming VP on Laura Ingraham's show.

"If you take a daughter who's got this emotional strife and subject her to the most intense scrutiny of the world at this time in her life, I think you've put your career above your family," Gutman said.

When called out on these comments by ABC's Jake Tapper, Gutman said, "The comments were largely taken out of context, although by the end, I plainly went too far, for which I apologize."

He knows he was wrong. You can't pled "out of context" and then admit you "plainly went too far" in the same sentence. This is how Obama's opponents are attacking Palin and even they know their strategy is heartless and demeaning.

If this is the standard the Left wants to go by, fine. Just let it be known they're putting a lot of other moms "who have it all" out of work, too.

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