Palin on Energy

Posted: Aug 29, 2008 4:15 PM
When this Palin interview ran in IBD I cut it out and kept it on my desk for several weeks because I was struck by the way she masterfully framed the right to drill as a nativist issue, among other things.

I'd say it's required reading today. Here's an excerpt:
PALIN:We believe that listing polar bears as such is a significant threat to development, because most live on the North Slope. (But) the biggest problem with the ruling is that we are the only state that is impacted. Most polar bears (are found) in Canada. We've got other places in the world once again telling us Alaskans how to live, and whether we can develop.

We've coexisted with bears for decades to no detrimental effect. Our bear population is thriving. This listing is nothing but interference from outsiders who insist on keeping Alaska from developing our resources responsibly. I tell you, if we thought we were killing a species—in this case, the polar bear — we would mend our ways.

You have to remember, our native culture is paramount to the Alaska way of life. My husband is native, my kids are native. We have such respect for native culture, and the polar bear is part of it. We can develop and take care of animals, and we'll continue to do both.