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Our Armchair Revolutionaries

Some Colorado Perspective

I just got off the phone with former Colorado Republican congressman Bob Beauprez who doesn’t think the liberalness of an Obama-Biden ticket is going to play well in his western state.


“It’s common knowledge out here Obama’s ranked as the most liberal member of the Senate by the National Journal,” Beauprez told me. “He’s [Biden] number three in the same ranking. Both of them managed to get to the left of Bernie Sanders!”

 “They make Carter-Mondale look like a couple of right-wingers,” Beauprez said.

Beauprez noted the Colorado press wasn't impressed with the Biden pick, either. "Thud is not what you want," he said noting the Rocky Mountain News's blunt editorial assessment of the Obama-Biden ticket. The former congressman said Biden, the "consummate Washington insider," undermines Obama's change message and would rile Colorado's Catholic base because he "defies the principle and doctines of the church" by supporting aborition measures in the Seante.

"If Biden does anything in Colorado, it's negative," Beauprez said."As we say out here, that dog ain't gonna hunt."

Beauprez said Bill Richardson would have helped Obama swing his state blue in November.

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