Michelle Speech Preview

Posted: Aug 25, 2008 10:03 PM
It's fun watching the analysts say what Michelle Obama "needs to accomplish" in her big speech tonight. Here's a compilation of what I've heard through the day:

-Soften her image, perhaps by smiling a lot and patting her daughters thoughtfully on their heads. Or something.
-Tell charming stories about her husband involving his stinky socks, breath or garbage.
-Make their family seem "normal"
-Talk about personal struggle, probably in the form of paying off student loans.
-Portray her busy, overworked momness
-Wear a vibrant Jackie O-style dress for the liberal fashion class to swoon over.

Ok, that last item was mine. But you know it's soooo true. I predict it will be a purple shade or deep green. Those are the big colors this season and if she wears a Democrat blue she'll blend into the background.