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Chet's a Porker

Chet Edwards may have adopted moderate positions on abortion and energy, but he's an out and out porker when it comes to earmarks. The Houston Chronicle found Edwards used his Appropriations subcommittee chairmanship to secure more $128 million worth of pet project pork.

Trying to find specific projects to highlight. Will update as I wait from my text from Barack. Even if Chet isn't picked, it's helpful to expose the record of a "moderate" Dem who is fooling a lot of Republicans in Texas.

Chet is very proud of his earmarks. He listed all his FY08 ones HERE. Among them is nearly $100,000 worth of funding for the "Refurbishment of Historic Granbury Opera House." There's also pork for community swimming pools, road widening, water studies and $21 million for "ongoing" agricultural college projects.

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