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They Both Knew the First Three Questions

Now Saddleback officials are saying BOTH Obama and McCain were given the first three questions in advance.

From the NYT:
A spokesman for Mr. Warren, A. Larry Ross, said that Mr. Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback, had assured both candidates in advance that he was not going to play “gotcha” with them. He gave them some of the questions, Mr. Ross said, because he wanted to put them at ease and alleviate any concern that the forum would be a “Christian litmus-test” for president....On Thursday night, Mr. Ross said, Mr. Warren told Mr. Obama three of the questions he would be asking: What is your greatest moral failing? What is America’s greatest moral failing? And who are the three people you rely on most for wise advice? On Friday, Mr. Warren gave the same three questions to Mr. McCain.Mr. Warren also told them the general categories of the questions, some of the broad themes and that he would also be asking about their tax policies.
IMO, this doesn't dampen McCain's performance. It makes Obama's look worse. I mean, if Obama got a heads up on the 3 person you admire question, why couldn't he name some people he wasn't directly related to?

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