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Obama-Bayh Leak???


If you type in ObamaBayh08.com it directs you to Democrats.org--the home page of the Democratic National Committee.

Does this mean Obama will be making Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh his VP? Dunno. Sort of makes me excited for the VP debates since Mr. Bayh doesn't strike me as especially equipped for a nationwide, big TV, one-on-one stand-off, let alone being one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Someone may be pulling a serious Internet joke.

Update: I just looked up the owner of ObamaBayh08.com on WhoIs.net. The owner of the domain name is a person named Joe Chan in May 2007. He probably just bought the domain and redirected it to the DNC page.  An rare, avid, Bayh fan I guess. And this is kind of an old story. It's been written about on other blogs speculating on Obama's VP pick for awhile now. Pardon me for getting swept away in the Veepstakes!

I feel like I just got rickrolled for the first time all over again, lol. Only this time through the course of a TH blog post.

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