Obama Women Comments Patronizing, Elitist

Posted: Jun 23, 2008 5:07 PM
The McCain campaign is rallying GOP women to bash Obama for his recent remarks to Hillary's supporters. I'm keeping an ear open on a McCain conference call to do this now.

Courtesy of the McCain campaign, Rep. Heather Wilson (R.-N.M) is calling Barack Obama "patronizing" "dismissive" and "elitist" for telling former Hillary supporters to "get over it."

"I don't need a patronizing person as President of the United States," she's saying. Says Obama's words "hit me right in the gut" and "my first reaction was 'come hell or high water!'"

Not sure this is at all convincing coming from a Republican woman, but the McCain campaign is making the argument.

A reporter from the New Yorker asks if Wilson ever supported Hillary. Wilson says no "but I understand how women feel when someone speaks to them that way."

RNC spokeswoman Liz Mair adds in her own statement via email: “Women concerned about the economy and jobs, health care, rising gas prices and energy independence will have a choice between John McCain, a bold leader who has consistently delivered solutions for working women, and Obama, whose rhetoric consistently fails to match reality.  Obama’s votes for higher taxes, plans to put more government between women and their doctors, and a do-nothing energy policy are not what women are looking for in this election—and that’s why so many of us are supporting John McCain.”