Obama on Public Financing

Posted: Jun 20, 2008 9:36 AM
If Obama isn't going to follow through on his promise to use the public financing system he should immediately remove his name as co-sponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act and the Presidential Funding Act of 2007--two bills to enact public financing laws.

This is very simple: If Obama isn't willing to use public financing for his own race, he shouldn't have his name plastered on a bill to subject future candidates to those restrictions.

I wonder if John McCain might call on Obama to do this...?

I wanted to say this on CNN's "Larry King" last night, but we spent all our time talking about Michelle's makeover. And, I wanted to say thanks to the Larry King Show for having me on three times in the last week or so. I've had a great time. In other media-ish news, I'll be on Fox's "Red Eye" tonight and "To the Contrary" on PBS this Sunday.

Update: Here's one of the clips from CNN last night:

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