Obama's Class Warfare PA Proxy Pitch

Posted: Jun 11, 2008 4:21 PM

One of Barack Obama’s Pennsylvania-based advisers told reporters Obama would help those who aspire to be “working class” Americans rather than wealthy Americans in a conference call arranged by Obama for America Wednesday.

 “Do you want the status quo or do you want to move forward?” asked Pennsylvania congressman Bob Brady. “Or do you want to get a fresh face, get a Democratic view that is working, is going to help the working class and those that want to be working class, and not the rich and the almighty?”

If the class warfare-ish contrast between those who desire to become “working class” against “the rich and the almighty” sounded bad the first time Brady said it, it sounded worse the second time around.

Later in the call he reiterated, “The Republican Party is going to give tax relief to the rich and to the ones that don't need it. And Senator Obama's looking to do that for the working class people and those that want to be working class.”

Stay tuned for forthcoming polling on how many Americans would rather be “working class” rather than “rich and almighty...”

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