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About Obama's Uncle

There's another hole in Obama's story about his WWII vet uncle.

Fox News points out Obama's mother was an only child. They're waiting for clarification.

Update: Now the RNC is sinking its teeth into the story.  This statement comes from RNC spokeswoman Liz Mair:
“Barack Obama owes the American public an explanation in light of his statement yesterday regarding his uncle and the liberation of Auschwitz.  It is a well-known fact that Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz.  Unless Obama’s uncle served in the Red Army, his statement looks nothing short of fatuous—and Americans expect something better than exaggerations and outright distortions from a candidate who hopes to become our next Commander in Chief."

Update: Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton says Obama has a great uncle who helped liberate a different war camp. Burton said Obama’s great uncle on his mother’s side was a member of the 89th Infantry Division that liberated Ohrduf in 1945.

Update 2: The Obama campaign now names the uncle in question as Charlie Payne and says Payne did not liberate Auschwitz, or Ohrduh, but Buchenwald.

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