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Obama's Response to Wright

Now that Rev. Wright has ended his whirlwind New York Times-PBS-NAACP-National Press Club media tour, it looks like Obama's trying to put some distance between himself and the pastor.

Obama's campaign manager David Axelrod told Chris Matthews on "Hardball" this afternoon that Wright "is out there speaking for Rev. Wright" and it's "unfortunate from our perspective because it's a needless distraction."

Axelrod complained about the "hours and hours spent on the fulminations of one guy" and said he's confident voters are "going to separate the record of Barack Obama from the views of Rev. Wright."

The big question in the aftermath of Wright's media show seems to be this: "Should Obama end denounce Wright?"

All answers I've heard on TV today seem to be mixed and for good reason. I'm not sure what's worse: waiting to see how much more damage Wright will do or risk being the guy who threw his pastor "under the bus."  Stay tuned!


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