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Fox News is running a clip showing Hillary Clinton snubbing John McCain and Teddy Kennedy during the big Armed Services Committee hearing today.

This made me wonder how many friends Hillary has in the Senate.

Let's start with the Armed Services Committee.
McCain? of course not. Any other Republicans? Uhhh, no.
Kennedy? Not after he endorsed Obama and gave that raging speech for him.
Lieberman? Oh, heck no. And McCaskill is for Obama.

Outside that committee you have Patrick Leahy, who called on her to drop out and Kerry who is on TV every morning for his boy Obama. Senate number 2, Durbin? For Obama. Intelligence Chairman Rockefeller? Obama. Freshman Klobachar? Obama.

I know I'm leaving a bunch of others out, these are just off the top of my head.

If Hillary loses the Democratic nomination all this election drama could make going back to her day job pretty difficult.

Ah, well. Hillary still has Even Bayh, I guess. Not exactly who I'd want to have my back in a floor fight, but beggars can't be choosers.

Update: Here's a full list of Senate endorsements here.

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