Rebate Check Ideas

Posted: Apr 07, 2008 10:05 AM
Are you getting a tax rebate check from Bush's economic stimulus package? What are you going to buy with it?

I was prompted to write a post about this after I read Jd's Handsome Son's comment on Novak's gun piece on our home page today  people should buy guns with their checks. Not a bad idea, but I'd add those guns should be American made.

Now, I think the rebates are bad policy (I'd prefer real tax reform instead of piecemeal tax breaks) but if I think it makes good sense to encourage people getting the checks to pay down debt or buy American made products.

After all, if you go out and buy a big screen plasma TV made that was made in China, whose economy are you really stimulating?

Just throwing that out there. My check will be going to Sallie Mae student loan services.