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Questions for Obama Re: Wright

National Review's Peter Wehner  came up with a list of 22 questions he thinks reporters should ask Obama about his relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The most important question, I think, it missing from this list. And, it's very simple: "Sen. Obama, do you believe in liberation theology as preached by Jeremiah Wright?"

Wehner's question number 9 comes the closest, but is a little too wordy for my taste. Whoever asks this question of Obama (on camera hopefully) is going to have to spit it out quick. Here's his question:

9. With which elements, if any, of black liberation theology — as represented by Reverend Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ — do you strongly disagree? Do you think any of the core tenets of black liberation theology are racist? Are they consistent with, or fundamentally at odds with, your expressed desire to end racial divisions in this country?

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