Democratic Money Infighting

Posted: Mar 27, 2008 9:08 PM is challenging Democratic donors who are holding campaign contributions hostage over recent remarks made by Speaker of the House.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi outraged party line donors supporting Hillary Clinton when Pelosi suggested Democratic superdelegates, like herself, should follow the will of the voters in the event of a brokered convention.  Pelosi has not endorsed a candidate, but this would give a known advantage to Barack Obama, who has a lead over Clinton in the battle for the popular vote and pledged delegates.

Twenty wealthy donors wrote Pelosi a letter asking her to clarify her comments and adopt a "more open view" earlier this week. The letter also not-so-subtly reminded Pelosi of the financial support they could give to  Democrats in upcoming congressional races.

Pelosi has said she stands by her comments and now it appears, which has endorsed Obama, is coming to her assistance.

MoveOn emailed a letter to supporters this evening said the donor letter demostrated "the worst kind of insider politics--billionaires bullying our elected leaders into ignoring the will of the voters."

"If she keeps standing up for regular Americans, thousands of us will have her back," MoveOn promises.

The online advocacy group is launching their own petition to counter the donor letter to be issued to Pelosi and other Democratic leaders as well as raise more donations for their causes.