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Judases for Hillary

My post over at the Glamour blog this week:

Longtime Clinton strategist James Carville called former Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson "Judas" for having the gall to endorse Barack Obama, but that's just jealously talking. What the Clinton campaign would really like are some Judases of their own.

At this point, Hillary's praying for a Superdelegate Judas Movement. The only way she'll win the Democratic nomination is if the superdelegates ignore how Obama has won more of the popular vote and more delegates than her. In other words, short of an Obama implosion, those superdelegates will have to betray the will of the voters to give Hillary the nod.

She knows better than to put it like that though. Hillary's flacks, like Evan Bayh, are trying to convince superdelegates to support Hillary because she's won more states with more Electoral College votes. I guess you gotta give Bayh credit for trying. He still wants to be VP. I heard Hillary's got 30 pieces of silver for any superdelegate willing to listen to his spin.


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