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Define 'Rich'

The Democrats often they will tax the "rich" or the "wealthy" to fund policy proposals, like universal healthcare or to pad their budgets.

But who are these "rich" people? Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) explains while debating the Democratic budget on the Senate floor today:

"Who exactly are the Democrats calling rich? Let's take a look. According to the Democrats, the 'rich' includes single workers who earn $34,000 a year. First year schoolteachers in Jefferson County, Kentucky, earn $35,982 a year. I don't think they are rich. According to the Democrats, couples are rich if they earn $63,000 a yera. I doubt that couples with children who make $63,000 a year think they're rich. The fact is, under  the Democrat plan, a lot of poeple will wake up happy to hear they're rich---only to realize the only change in their lives is a hefty tax sock to their wallets. So much for the good news. It's what Patrick Moynihan might have called 'defining wealthy down.' But there's a purpose behind the rhetoric. Democrats couldn't support their $1.2 trillion in spending--and the largest tax hike in history--unless they cast their tax hike nets far and wide."

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