Hillary Calls for Reinforcement$

Posted: Feb 20, 2008 12:53 PM
Obama's 10-state winning streak is going to have a big impact on Hillary's ability to raise enough money to compete in her must-win states of Ohio and Texas.

What to do? Tee up 527 support.

Ambinder is reporting
that a stealth campaign is underway, billed as the "American Leadership Project"  to promote Clinton and attack Obama in Ohio, Texas and Pennslyvania. Clinton donors will be asked to pony up to $100,000 each in hopes of raising $10 million.

Official papers were filed last Friday for the ALP.

By law, campaigns are prohibited from coordinating with campaigns, but the Clintons haven't let campaign finance rules stop them in the past...

ABC's Jack Tapper is reporting that:

-the ALP will target white women in the Ohio cities of: Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown,  Wheeling- Steubenville and Zanesville. Also will target white women Charleston and Parkersburg. West Virginia.
-White men will be targeted
-Extra money will target Latinos in Texas and middle class families in Pennsylvania.
-Three ads will be mainly used, titled "if speeches could solve problems" and will discuss "middle class issues" like the economy, healthcare and mortgages.

Update: The first ad is already up. It says, "If speeches could create jobs, we wouldn't be facing a recession."

Funny, if all this work to paint Obama as an empty suit doesn't help Hillary beat Obama, it sure makes it easy for McCain to pick up where she left off. At this point, they're both saying the same things about Obama not being much more than a speech maker.