Bill Maher, Michael Moore: Republicans are Treasonous American Haters

Posted: May 21, 2013 3:37 PM

Obama donor Bill Maher and wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore claimed Republicans are treasonous anti-Americans on HBO’s Real Time Friday because of their disagreements with Obama.

“What about trying to repealing it [Obamacare] for the 37th time? Is that a wise use of our resources and time? I mean, at some point obstruction becomes treason,” Maher said. “I mean they’ve also blocked Obama’s head of the EPA. There’s no head of the circuit court in D.C. You know, at some point it just becomes more about hating him [Barrack Obama] than loving your country.”

“No, they hate America. That’s really what it is,” Moore eagerly replied . “I think these conservatives and right-wingers really–for as much as they say they love this country–they hate it. They hate the government. They hate people… why is the government the big, evil bastard here?”

Maher asked Moore to clarify whether the government and the country are two different things, but Moore maintained his claim.

“No, It shouldn’t be,” Moore said. “The government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, right? So why is the government the big evil bastard here?”

“Cause, Mike, it got taken over by a Kenyan socialist, that’s why!” Maher mockingly intoned with a faux southern accent, “That’s why we need our guns. We might have to take over the government.”

Moore then said he is not depressed about the Republican Party because the next generation embraces liberal ideas like gun control and gay marriage.

“They are not bigots, they are not haters” he said and then called the GOP a “squealing dinosaur.”

They support less religion Maher added, prompting an aggressive applause from the audience.

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