New Yorkers Don’t Know Much, But They Hate Fox News

Posted: May 14, 2013 10:35 AM
New Yorkers Don’t Know Much, But They Hate Fox News

Townhall went out to the streets of liberal New York City to find out how politically engaged the average liberal is. It appears that those who lazily equate MSNBC and Fox News probably don't watch either network, especially the latter, as Guy pointed out in March.

“I really only watch E! news,” one New Yorker told Townhall.

Nearly all of the interviewees strongly contended that Fox News was the most biased news network, but when asked why they believed it to be the most biased it became apparent that they had never watched the network, or news at all for that matter.

Fox News is more biased because “it talks more about politics” while CNN “talks about more international stuff,” another person responded.

In fact most of the people we spoke to, while strongly asserting that FOX was the most biased, could not identify the current or former Vice Presidents of the United States.

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