Border Patrol Captures Seven-Time Deportee Previously Convicted of Child Abuse

Posted: Aug 16, 2019 5:30 PM
Border Patrol Captures Seven-Time Deportee Previously Convicted of Child Abuse

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

Convicted criminals captured by the United States Border Patrol illustrate the dire need to secure America’s southern border. Two previously deported criminal aliens apprehended by authorities this week had nine prior deportations between them.

On Monday Border Patrol agents arrested a seven-time deportee who had been convicted of child abuse about two years ago.

“Villa-Garcia was convicted of child abuse in September 2017 and received a suspended sentence of 10 years’ probation,” according to CBP. “Villa-Garcia, who has been deported seven times for illegally entering the United States, faces new immigration violations and possibly charges for re-entry of a convicted felon.”

And then this Wednesday authorities arrested a two-time deportee who had been convicted of child rape.

“During processing, agents conducting records checks discovered the Mexican national had been convicted by the state of Washington of Rape of a Child, a felony, in 2008,” CBP reported

“Records checks further revealed Blancas-Rojas has an active warrant in Washington and that he has twice been removed from the United States, his second deportation following his felony conviction," CBP added.

“While held in federal custody, Blancas-Rojas awaits prosecution for the illegal re-entry of a previously deported aggravated felon,” according to to the agency. 

The problem of previously deported criminals re-entering the Unites States demonstrates the need for secure national borders. Last month Townhall highlighted the arrest of a previously deported man who had been “convicted on three counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child” according to CBP. Another previously deported criminal captured on that very same day had been “convicted of Lewd or Lascivious Conduct and Failure to register as a Sex Offender,” CBP said at the time.