While Tennessee May Erect ‘Monument To Unborn’, Phoenix Will Create Pro-LGBT Rainbow Crosswalks

Posted: Apr 25, 2018 5:30 PM

A new monument pertaining to “the Victims of Abortion” could one day sit on the premises of the Tennessee state Capitol.

Once created, the memorial would be namedthe “Tennessee Monument to Unborn Children, In Memory of the Victims of Abortion: Babies, Women, and Men.”

If the related legislation ultimately succeeds, the monument would “be placed on the state Capitol grounds,” according to the AP, but it would be paid for by privately raised money.

According to a March article on The Tennessee Star, State Rep. Bill Dunn mentioned monuments related to slavery and the Holocaust on the premises and remarked that “In both cases, the vulnerable and defenseless were subjected to the will of the powerful,” and he stated that ending an unborn baby’s life “is related to this brand of inhumanity.”

Meanwhile in the state of Arizona, the city of Phoenix has approved creating rainbow crosswalks “to celebrate the local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community,” according to azcentral.

As in the case of the Tennessee monument, these crosswalks would be funded privately:

“Three of the largest LGBT organizations asked the city to install two rainbow crosswalks in Phoenix to convey permanent support for the community,” the article said, noting, “The City Council voted unanimously (with council members Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring absent) Tuesday to allow the crosswalks if the groups foot the bill for the installation and maintenance, which they've offered to do.”