‘Cannabis Candidate’ Competing In Illinois Primary Posts Picture of Himself Holding A Joint

Posted: Mar 01, 2018 10:30 AM

Pro-marijuana “cannabis candidate” Benjamin Thomas Wolf released a photo of himself holding a joint in his hand as visible wisps of smoke float above and beside his head.

Wolf, an admitted user who is running for Congress in Illinois’ 5th Congressional district, published the photo on his Facebook page along with the message, “Legalize Cannabis. Vote March 20th.” His post also carries hashtags including, “#legalizecannabis,” “#cannabiscongressman,” “#cannabiscandidate,” “#legalizeit,” and “#marijuana.”

Text superimposed over another photo on Wolf’s Facebook page describes him as “Bernie Minus 34 Years.” The post indicates that he wants “Universal Healthcare,” “Legal Cannabis,” “Free College Tuition,” and “Strong Unions.”

During an interview Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends, Wolf said that he doesn’t “use cannabis everyday” but he described it as a regular aspect of his life.

According to the bio on his campaign website, Wolf formerly worked for the FBI.

When Fox’s Steve Doocy asked whether Wolf had been lighting up during his years at the Bureau, Wolf said he had not and noted that he began smoking it “just a few years ago.”

Doocy pointed out that marijuana possession remains illegal under federal law, but Wolf explained that he considers his illicit behavior “civil disobedience” as well as “standing up for something that I feel strongly about.”

Wolf said that legalization will generate billions in revenue and that “it’s one of the most important things we can do right now to help fund education and, and other drug initiatives.”

The day of the election is March 20th but he said people can vote early now.

At the conclusion of the interview Brian Kilmeade queried, “If you win will you get high?”

“Definitely,” Wolf answered.

In a tweet later on Wednesday, Wolf said, “Thank you to @foxandfriends for a great conversation. Legal cannabis provides medicine for tens of millions of Americans, it allows true criminal justice reform and will supply billions of dollars in tax revenue. Im proud to be the #cannabiscandidate. #legalizeit #wolfforcongress.”

According to his campaign website, Wolf advocates “The immediate legalization of marijuana and hemp for both medicinal and recreational uses in all U.S. states, cities, and territories.”

Medical usage of the drug has already been legalized in the state of Illinois.

Regarding recreational marijuana, WGNTV.com says that, “Cook County voters will have the opportunity to vote on a non-binding referendum on legalizing marijuana for adults in the March 20 primary.”

The entire state of Illinois could potentially have a non-binding vote on the issue during the November elections, depending on whether state legislators place it on the ballot—as the Chicago Tribune reports, “If the proposed legislation passes the House and Senate, voters would be asked if they support legalizing recreational use for those 21 and older, under tax regulations similar to tobacco and alcohol.”

According to the Tribune, “a ballot question would be non-binding. That means it would work like a statewide public opinion poll and wouldn’t legalize marijuana even if a majority of voters approve.”